Odyssey 2 Creations

Gravitrex Plus


3 Levels With 6 Worlds !
Most Worlds Contain Multiple Sections For A
Total Mind Blowing, Finger Numbing Experience !

Your Mission Is To Travel To These Worlds, Rescue
The Human Captives, Destroy The Enemy Bunkers and
Ultimately The Enemy Planets Themselves !

2 Game Modes: Standard and Arcade.
Arcade mode features faster, more intense
play for advanced gamers !

My Biggest, Most In Depth Vectrex Game Yet, The
Levels Alone Took 2 Weeks To Hand Draw And Map Out !

Gravitrex Plus Features:

64K Bank Switched Program
Level Select Passwords
Remappable Controller Buttons
Digitized Speech
Awesome Retro Intro
Musical Title/Menu Screens
A NEW Hidden Bonus Game

GP Includes a Bonus Game, Patriots III !
PIII Is a Complete Re-Write, It's How I Originally
Envisioned The Game Back In 1996 !